News and Overview


Version 3.0.7 of the plugin has been released. See changelog for details

About the plugin

The form wizard plugin is a jQuery plugin which can be used to create wizard like page flows for forms without having to reload the page in between wizard steps.

The plugin is unobtrusive and gives the developer great freedom on how they set up the flow of the different steps in their wizards, as the plugin supports creating specific routes in the form; depending on the user input.


Project pages and documentation

The plugin is hosted at github

The following plugins are optional but can be used in conjunction with the formwizard plugin to give a better user experience than the just the plain formwizard plugin can.


This plugin can be seamlessly be integrated into the wizard to provide client-side validation of user input. It supports localized error messages as well as custom validation rules.

Validation plugin

jQuery BBQ: Back Button & Query Library

The jQuery BBQ plugin can be added to enable browser back and forward buttons in the wizard.

jQuery BBQ: Back Button & Query Library

Form Plugin

The form plugin will make it possible to send the data from the wizard using AJAX.

Form plugin project page