Noiseblocker NB-Driveguard HD Cooler Review

By testtcm | Last Updated: October 10, 2018


Noiseblocker are the kings when it comes to cooling and when it comes to fans and air cooling, they really do produce amazingly high quality products. The Multiframe fan series we saw previously showed well made Noiseblocker products. The cooler today is a little more specialised and is specifically designed for cooling hard drives. I give you the NB-Driveguard.

Company Background – Noiseblocker

“Blacknoise Germany is a company that has decided to specialise in fan and silent technology. Under the NOISEBLOCKER brand Blacknoise Germany develops and markets fans and accessories for reducing the noise produced by PCs, IT technology and electronic products. The core of the company is a small group of employees who have devoted themselves to this theme out of passion and commitment.

NOISEBLOCKER products are developed in Germany. The focus of attention is placed on practical solutions optimised with respect to a specific application. All products are optimised down to the last detail. Often new solutions are developed which deviate from the market standard. As a result of this work, all NOISEBLOCKER products are positioned in terms of technology and quality in the highest category of their respective market segment and are often superior to the competition as far as practical applications and performance are concerned. They have not only won 150 international awards, but are regularly placed among the leading positions in the comparison tests, confirming once more the success of our work and philosophy.”



SIZE 130×112×35 mm
NOISE ca. 11 dBA
MTBF ca. 80,000h
AIRFLOW ca. 30 m3/h
WARRANTY 3 years
CONNECTOR 3P Molex with signal wire

Contents & Packaging

The cooler is packaged inside a small black box with a large see-through panel on the front below which the fan and central part of the NB-Driveguard can be seen. Above the window, the Noiseblocker logo – (((NB))) – is printed with a few features at the bottom.

The back is much more informative and displays the specifications and information about the product in a few different languages.

Two accessories accompany the Driveguard; these are 4 screws and a voltage converter.

Inside the box, the cooler is kept secure and safely packaged with some plastic padding.

The Product – NB-Driveguard

The cooler is comprised off a metal silver frame inside which a blue 80mm fan is held. The frame is pretty stylish with the Noiseblocker logo built into the design.

The fan is a nine-blade construction which is ultra quiet and at 11 dBA it really should be. This should be perfect for HD cooling as it will provide a decent airflow (30 m3/h) whilst not really pumping out any major noise levels.

The sides of the frame are bent are right angles with four holes for screws to be put into in order to secure the Driveguard to the hard drive. This effectively gives two different positions for which the cooler can be attached depending on the user’s preference.

The fan is simply screwed into the silver frame by four screws – one in each corner. Therefore, this fan can be taken out and replaced by a different one so long as it fits.

Finally, the cooler uses the traditional 3-pin connector which plugs straight into the motherboard.


The Test Setup:

PROCESSOR Intel C2Q Q9450 Quad Core @ 2.80GHz
MOTHERBOARD Gigabyte S-Series GA-73PVM-S2H
MEMORY Corsair XMS2 PC6400 (2x 1GB)
HARD DRIVE Hitachi HDT7250 (250GB)
OS Windows XP Pro 32bit

Installing or attaching the NB-Driveguard is a very simple process which just involves putting in 4 screws through the holes in the cooler and into the bottom of the hard drive. The cooler is then firmly secured to the HD.

All that is left to do is to plug in the cable to the motherboard.



To test the Coolink Silent Savior, I simply left the hard drive at idle state and then recorded the temperatures using Speedfan which uses the computer’s own diode.

Then I booted to the hard drive up to load state by putting it under as much stress as possible and again took a temperature reading.

This process was completed with the Silent Savior mounted along with the hard drive left on its own (no cooler). I will also compare the results to the Vizo Orbiter reviewed previously.

Ambient temperature was 18 degrees.



The NB-Driveguard just about edges it performance wise by about a degree at load state and it matches the Silent Savior at idle. This is impressive as the two competitors were good products and so highlights the impressive nature of the Noiseblocker product.Of course, if you want to drop the cooling down if you find the noise too much, the voltage restrictor allows this to be possible.

NoiseThe noise levels were really impressive here and I honestly could not hear a thing except when very close up – very low noise outputs.

Cost The NB-Driveguard comes in at around about £11 which is not much at all for a product of this quality. In reality it is slightly higher than the competitors testing against but as seen in testing it performs and so the extra price is warranted.


The NB-Driveguard is very good performing, compact HD cooler that gave good temperature results at idle and load whilst being able to churn out relatively little noise outputs. The design is sleek and attractive.

The price is a little higher than some of the other products and as with all HD coolers; it does take up the space of another hard drive disk which could be a problem for some users.

A recommended cooler though – very well constructed.