NOX Sirocco Laptop Cooler Review

By testtcm | Last Updated: October 29, 2018

IntroductionNOX Sirocco Laptop Cooler

When it comes to laptop coolers, many people are sceptical as to whether they really offer much performance in terms of cooling with many products simply not making enough of a difference to warrant customers buying them. Today, we have the NOX Sirocco which hopes to change all this and make a bigger impact but will it be able to perform? Let’s find out…

Company Information – NOX

‘NOX was established by a young team of experienced professionals in the IT industry. Our goal is to deliver unique solutions that precisely meet and exceed customer expectations for features, performance, and quality. Therefore NOX products are specifically conceived to offer great performance, very attractive designs at unbeatable price levels.’



MATERIAL Aluminium
SPEED 1300 ± 10% RPM
APPLICATION up to 15″ notebooks
DIMENSIONS Total: 40 (H) x 330 (L) x 308 (D) mmFans: 80 x 80 x 15 mm (x3)
WEIGHT 1100g
NOISE LEVEL 18.0dBA ~ 25.5dBA


Contents & Packaging

nox siroco front pck

The front packaging is split into two halves: a dark green bottom and a white top with orange geometric lines. The product image is placed over both halves with a number of features accompanied by a picture lower down.

The back sees another image of the Sirocco with the outline of a laptop being placed on top showing how it should be placed onto the cooler. A large Nox logo fills the top below which the full list of features is displayed.

Inside the box, the cooler is placed into a bubble wrap sleeve to protect it.

There is only one accessory which is the USB cable which connects the cooler to the laptop thus supplying the power to the cooling pad. The cable is very clever though as it coils around and can be made longer by simply pulling the ends and it locks in place at appropriate place. This is useful as the cable can be made to exactly the right length to avoid it being too big and getting in the way.

The Product

The cooler is able to take coolers up to 15” and the pad consists of a sloped piece of aluminium with triple fans at the raised back end.

A rubber strip runs all the way across the Sirocco at the bottom allowing the laptop to sit on it. This ensures that the laptop/notebook is slightly raised up to allow airflow underneath it as well as stopping it from sliding about. A small Nox-xtreme website address is also located in the corner.

On one side of the cooler are two USB ports and four buttons which when pressed in give different fan speeds.

The back simply has a white Nox logo in the centre and the rest is left with the black aluminium finish.

The underside is relatively plain with more rubber mounts on which the cooler sits helping it to stay in place. In the centre there is a sticker which reads ‘Notebook Cooling Pad’ and another next to the ports explaining the buttons but it is in Spanish which sadly I cannot interpret.

The triple fan combination is enclosed beneath the surface and consists of three 80mm fans with all have a maximum speed of roughly 1300RPM. Each fan has a circular air vent at the bottom which allows the air to escape.


This is not so much installation and more ‘placement’ as that is all that is required: put the laptop on top of the cooling pad and then connect up the USB cable.



To test laptop coolers, temperature readings are taken of the laptop’s CPU at idle and load states. For idle testing, the laptop is left for 30 minutes without loading any applications before the readings are taken whereas to achieve full load, CPU Burn-In was used loading the cores to 100%; the laptop was again left for 30 minutes at full load before temperatures was recorded.

The laptop used in this testing was a Dell Inspiron 1525 with a 1.6Ghz Intel Pentium Dual Core processor.

Ambient temperature was 20 degrees and all for both coolers, fan speeds were set to high.



Clearly, the Sirocco does a better job of cooling the CPU than the MiniNinja but neither makes a dramatic temperature drop. The Sirocco causes about 3 to 4 degrees of temperature change but it’s nothing amazing. That said it will make the laptop run that little bit better.

NoiseThe fans weren’t too noisy but at full tilt, it was noticeable. Obviously dropping down the fan speeds does reduce this but you are only gaining about 4 degrees of cooling at full speed so by dropping it down you are making the cooling even less which seems pointless as the whole concept of the product is to cool the laptop.

WeightIn terms of weight, the cooler is not too heavy and not too light at 1.1kg which is good as you can carry it around easily but it’s not so light that it will buckle under the weight of the laptop.

CostThe NOX Sirocco has an MSRP of 31.90 Euros which isn’t huge but still quite a lot considering the cooling isn’t really very good.

The question of whether laptop coolers are really worth the expense has been one that hasn’t really been answered in this review. There are points for both sides: the Sirocco does offer about 4 degrees of cooling which is more than many rivals and so does help the laptop run more effectively but the temperature drop still isn’t very big which is a shame.

The NOX Sirocco looks very attractive with the black aluminium and white logos, the noise levels too are pretty low so overall the product is pretty good. However, the whole point of a cooling pad is to cool therefore having not really excelled in this department it’s hard to really say that this product is worth the 32 Euros or so it is priced at.

Overall, not a bad cooler but there is definitely room for improvement.