OCZ Behemoth Gaming Mouse Review

By testtcm | Last Updated: October 30, 2018


Gaming grade peripherals have always been the crème de la crème when it comes to mice, keyboards, etc. But is there that much of a difference to be had between different peripheral manufacturers? There are a few things which are apparent even before testing – aesthetics and price. So let’s take a look at one competitor, the OCZ Behemoth.

About OCZ

At OCZ we have one primary goal, and it is to make sure that every customer is 110% satisfied. Every employee at OCZ is dedicated to accomplishing this goal. Our engineers are constantly developing the fastest and best performing products. Our marketing department ensures all the information needed to make an informed purchase is available and presented in an easy to understand format. The technical support department constantly studies and tests the latest hardware to be as informed as possible to help you with any issue you may have. Our customer service department is filled with customer satisfaction fanatics who will refuse to let you be disappointed.



Contents & Packaging

The Behemoths packaging is quite well designed, allowing the customer to see the Behemoth in all its glory as well as allowing them enough information about it to make an educated decision on whether it is right for them.


The front of the packaging carries information on the features of the mouse whilst the back of the packaging simply goes into greater detail about the features.


Inside the box it is possible to see that there is very little extra with this mouse. Besides the Behemoth software and the multilingual users manual there isn’t anything else with this mouse… or so it seems.

By this I mean that unlike most other high end gaming mice which have adjustable weights – which are mostly put in small plastic boxes which gives the illusion of getting extra stuff with your purchase – the behemoth comes with the weights preinstalled.


OCZ Behemoth

At a glance it is visible that this mouse looks one hell of a lot like the Raptor M3 Gaming Platinum. In fact if I didn’t know better I would say that they are the same product with different branding. This sort of thing seems to be happening a lot recently with the little known Cyber Snipa stinger also getting a “twin” released with different branding.


Besides these similarities with other products though, I must say that this mouse is quite a looker. With its matte black finish and silvery trim, it looks, not only imposing, but also sleek and stylish. However, it is quite large, incredibly large in fact; besides an old trackball mouse I once used this is by far and away the largest mouse I have ever used.


Emblazoned on the front of the mouse there is the OCZ logo and the product name – Behemoth. Slightly north of this there is the scroll wheel and an on the fly DPI adjustment switch. When pressed there are several small lights which turn on and show the user which DPI setting they are currently using. Another set of switches is to be found on the left hand side of the mouse where there is a 2 way programmable button which can be utilised in game or used simply to enhance web browsing. This switch is inset into an illuminating surround which changes according to the current profile mode.


The underneath of the mouse is very interesting. It has five easy glide feet, a small door which opens for easy removal of the weights, and most interestingly of all a set of cable directing channels which are moulded into the bottom of the mouse. These allow the user to direct the cabling out of whichever side of the mouse they need to. For instance if they need to direct the mouse’s cabling to the left they can squeeze it into the channel where it is held securely by several small notches.


There are several other aesthetic features which I also quite like and though they may not be intentionally designed to look good as they are a predominantly ergonomic feature, I think that they look pretty sweet. I am of course talking about the ergonomic finger rests/grips.


Finally for this section I am briefly going to mention the cabling. It is a very nice braided variety which not only looks better than some but increases the longevity of the cable.

Installation & Usability

As always with mice there are several procedures, most are plug and play and so it isn’t always necessary to install drivers. However, if there are drivers included with the product, it is always best to install these as they can enhance the mouse’s functionality; secondly there is also often an array of macro programming included in the software which allow you to assign mouse buttons to keyboard keystrokes (this can make gaming easier i.e. assigning a button to “v” would help in Call of Duty 4 with the melee attack.)

So, firstly, I plugged in the mouse, assisted by the rather long cable I was easily able to reach a spare USB port. For many users, installation simply ends here as they are not interested with the driver software. As those users can now skip to the next section (testing) we will now take a look at the bundled software.OCZ Behemoth Gaming Mouse Review

Once you insert the disk and allow the auto run to open, you are faced with a screen which can look very daunting. But if you try to think simple it soon comes to you. All you have to do is click your desired profile from the list and load it up, and then you simply select which button you would like to personalise and choose a particular function. You can then save this change to the mouse’s onboard memory and you are ready to go.

Another feature of the software is that you can change the configuration settings without using Microsoft’s slightly useless tool. It allows you to select the number of DPI settings you want and change the sensitivity. For example, out of the box, holding down the DPI switch will change through the 4 profiles from 800 all the way up to 3200 DPI. Since many users may be comfortable with only one profile and don’t want the possibility of changing it accidentally during usage it is possible to deactivate all of the profiles and only use profile 1.


Testing & Results

Whilst testing mice is incredibly enjoyable as it means playing my favourite games, it can be a long process. For example, you’ve played your favourite game for an hour or so and you love the mouse’s performance, but, you then want to browse the web. You may find that it is a one trick wonder; therefore you have to spend a little more time testing it for all round performance. Luckily the Behemoth is a magician with a bag full of tricks delivering a constant sharp performance without disappointing at a single task. Here is a quick rundown of each of the tests.

Prior to receiving this mouse I was forced to use a ball mouse (a sin I know), I found that this clogs up and performance is impaired so it came as a relief when I plugged this baby in.

Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareFirst I tested it in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. From the start I was able to see that this mouse suited my gaming style perfectly, as an avid user of the overkill perk I like to equip myself with either an AK74-U and an M40A1 sniper rifle or even a P90 and another SMG perhaps an UZI (with bandolier and extreme conditioning as my other perks of course.) This means that when playing I often get into sticky situations and need to react quickly to ensure my survival. With the Behemoth as my real weapon though, I was able to consistently break through the enemy ranks in a Sabotage game to ensure my team’s eventual victory.

CrysisNext up is Crysis. This game is perhaps not my favourite as I feel certain aspects could have been done differently but nonetheless it’s a good test for the Behemoth. It coped well with both sniping and close quarters combat and I was relatively impressed with its performance once again.

Far CryI must admit to having quite a small selection of PC games and so the last title we’ll take a look at is the first of the Far Cry series. For me, this game is a sure fire hit so what could possibly make it better than a nice gaming mouse? Already being a prodigal player of Far Cry it could only be enhanced by the addition of the Behemoth. This was definitely the case, in fact I was nigh on unstoppable even when playing the realistic game mode (It’s all about causing diversions).

General UsageNext I chose to do a bit of web browsing and a few games of spider solitaire. I’m not sure if the time you take makes a difference to your score in this game but I did set a new high score whilst using this mouse! Web browsing too was much easier: assisted by the easy navigation buttons on the mouse which allow you to go back and forward through your recently visited pages, this mouse is a dream for all round usage.

ComfortWith regards to comfort, a mouse this large certainly takes time to get used to, but after an hour or so the shaping is so natural that you quickly become accustomed to using it.

CostCost wise the Behemoth is possibly the best value product I have ever reviewed, at just £15 at many stores, it is a real bargain especially when you consider it performs like a £70 unit from the likes of Logitech or Razer – it definitely punches well above its weight.


If any of you have seen the Raptor M3 Platinum you will be able to see how similar these two products are, one of the only visible differences are that the Raptor has an extra weight storage area where the profile switch is on the Behemoth and the branding.

However, for me the OCZ Behemoth seems a much better option due to it being priced much lower and handling brilliantly. But, be wary as those with small hands find that their hands get lost when using this mouse because of its sheer size.

In short, for a product priced so affordably, it is definitely going to sell. It is a brilliant all-round performer that will not let you down.


Thanks go to OCZ for providing the mouse for review.