XTracPads Ripper XXL Mouse Pad Review

By testtcm | Last Updated: November 2, 2018


After reviewing their Pro Pad, Christopher from XTracPads has been kind enough to send over another mouse pad for review. This time it’s the other end of the spectrum with a massive pad – the Ripper XXL which not only offers greater space for mouse movement but also encompasses the keyboard and pretty much everything on your desk. Let’s crack on and see how it performs…

Company Background – XTracPads

“Started in March of 2002 by a group of hard-core pc gamers, our mousing surfaces and accessories have won countless awards.We offer an expanding variety of surfaces and optical mouse pad sizes. Not only are our products used in computer gaming, they are equally efficient for many other applications such as digital animation, desktop publishing and more.”



Contents & Packaging

You can tell immediately from the packaging that this one big pad. The pad is keep safe and sound inside a large plastic tube that is significantly bigger than any other mouse pad packaging I’ve seen. The design is pretty simple, yet effective, with a thick paper sheet bent around the inside displaying all the visuals.

Most of this is taken up with massive Ripper XXL logo in black and white with a couple of red strips containing a short description.

Around the other side there are a set of instructions on how to clean the mat along with the specifications and a few comments about the pad.

Inside the tube, the mat is rolled up and placed inside a thin plastic bag for a little extra protection and to keep it clean.

In terms of accessories there are several which is a nice surprise for a mouse pad. These are:

The alcohol cleaning cloth is a great idea too as it makes the Teflon stick a lot better to the mouse feet. Clearly, XTracPads have made a real effort with the extras to ensure the user gets the best possible performance out of the Ripper XXL and have done a very good job.

The Product – XTracPads Ripper XXL

The first thing to mention has to be the size; this pad really sets itself apart from the crowd in this regard. It completely pushes the boundaries of what a ‘mouse mat’ is by allowing the keyboard and pretty much anything else on your desk to sit on top of the pad. It’s so big that I struggled to fit it all in when I was taking the photos!

One of the main concepts is the fact that the user is able to determine their own gaming area by arranging their keyboard and other accessories so as to create an area as big or as small as they wish. Thus there can be no complaint about the pad being too big or too small as the size is self-determined.

Unfortunately this does come with a downside and this is that the Ripper XXL is not the perfect candidate for a LAN party as it’s so large. However, just grab yourself a Pro Pad for LANs and let the Ripper sit on your desk at home.

The pad itself is completely black except for a small logo in the corner. Now this may not seem particularly stylish but it’s very effective as it not only allows the mouse mat to fit in with basically every peripheral out there but also can sit nicely on a desk without being too obtrusive – by this I mean it doesn’t look out of place whereas a more glitzy mat might be a little over the top in these proportions.

The white logo is kept very simple displaying the product name along with the website.

The pad is quite thin (of the order of about 2mm thick) and thus even after prolonged usage still retains a soft, comfortable feel. The texture is very smooth also and feels great on your wrist ensuring it doesn’t go numb or start to ache at all. Moreover, the mat also acts as a wrist support for your keyboard making it very comfortable for typing as well as gaming.

In addition, using the Teflon on the mouse feet really lets the mouse glide across the surface and makes it very smooth.

The bottom of the mat has a different texture with a different purpose in mine – to prevent the Ripper XXL from sliding during use. The mat stays in place pretty well on a wooden surface but on a smoother surface it is prone to moving slightly which is a little annoying but overall not bad.



As with all peripherals and accessories, they are all extremely subjective with different people having their own personal opinions. Therefore, it is advisable to test the peripheral yourself before you buy as people’s opinions vary greatly.

However, to test mouse pads here at Verdis Reviews, we use the product for an extended period of time (incorporating general use and gaming) looking at performance, durability and comfort.

To test the Ripper XXL, I used the Logitech Laser Mouse and the following games:



For both the games I found that my accuracy and ability to compete improved slightly and I was able to consistently be near the top of the server on both games.

The thing I found most useful was that you never run out of space or find that you are going off the pad. Moreover, for the keyboard controls with the mouse pad it makes it so much more comfortable.

General UsageLike I just mentioned the ability of the pad to support both your wrist on the mouse and the keyboard makes the Ripper XXL ideal for all round use as you can type for sustained periods without any numbness or discomfort.

DurabilityThe pad excels in this area especially with the frey resistant edges as the sides just don’t unravel. Also, I poured some water on the Ripper to see how it would cope and I was very surprised as after not too long a time it had completely disappeared – very impressive for a cloth pad.

CostFinally, the region where you would expect a mat of the size to fall down would be the price. In fact it doesn’t with it costing you $35 (roughly £20 or so). Evidently the size to cost ratio is unrivalled by other pads.


This is the first time, we’ve witnessed a mouse pad of this scale on Verdis Reviews and I have to say it has been very impressive. The performance for both gaming and general usage is of the highest quality as well as giving great comfort and support to your wrists.

The thing I most like about the Ripper XXL is the ability to determine your own size in which to game by placing your peripherals to suit you.

The down side is of course the size as you can’t really transport it very easily and won’t fit smaller desks but for users looking for a really top quality mouse pad to sit on their desk, I would definitely recommend XTracPads Ripper XXL.