Genius NetScroll G500 Review

By testtcm | Last Updated: November 2, 2018

Genius NetScroll G500

Genius already has an extensive and highly successive range of gaming mice so what brings them to release yet another ‘gaming grade’ mouse you might ask? Well this new Genius NetScroll G500 model despite being classed in the gaming category appears to be a bit more of an all-round design with its less flamboyant exterior and more affordable price tag. Of course Genius has still managed to integrate some new cunning design features into the NetScroll G500 Laser but I won’t spill the beans just yet. Read on to take a closer look…

Genius’ Take on the G500

Are you a heavy gamer looking for one high performance and unique gaming mouse? Designed for all-level gamers, the leading mouse brand — Genius – has introduced the NetScroll G500 Laser-a new powerful and innovative laser gaming mouse with precision control.

NetScroll G500 Laser features an enhanced gaming laser engine, and you can set the resolution from 2000/1600 and 800 dpi to maintain perfect speed movement within any shooting, fighting, strategy or racing game. Also with full speed USB, you get instant movement response without any hesitation. In addition, NetScroll G500 Laser uses an enhanced long-lasting button for a lifecycle of eight million clicks. Plus, you can use the weight adjustment feature and insert coins to increase the mouse weight to your liking. It makes shooting or strategic gaming movement more solid and stable to keep you in a winning gaming environment.



Contents & Packaging

Despite the postman seemingly taking a dislike to this parcel and battering the packaging around a little, the mouse is not damaged and finds itself centre stage behind some moulded clear plastic as is so often the case with mice these days.

The front depicts some key features highlighted in blue bubbles such as weight adjustment and the DPI switch. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without a larger Genius logo in the corner.

With the sides home to the facts and figures, the back apart from a few close ups is filled with translations.

Accompanying the G500 are just two accessories: the trusty User’s Manual and a driver CD for most Windows and Mac OS’s.

Genius NetScroll G500

The ambidextrous G500 is clad in shiny silver attire giving it a stylish exterior but at the same time not being too flashy. The mouse is able to combine flexibility with precision with the variable DPI switch in the centre of the design; each step (2000/1600/800) is denoted with a different colour whether it be green, blue or red.

Constructed entirely from plastic, the G500 is incredibly lightweight and so Genius has an ingenious solution involving your coppers to adjust the weight. Flicking a switch on the underside of the mouse, pops open the back of the mouse much like a ladybird just about to take to the air, and coins can be placed inside to adjust the overall weight of the G500. Surely the coins will just crash around inside and be very noisy though I hear you ask?

The name Genius should really tell you something… Inside is a spring loaded plastic push-up which keeps the coins pushed against the top with no room to move so the user won’t experience any ‘crashing around’.

The coin-slot is head-and-shoulders above other weights systems though which normally involve fiddly weights pushed into a foam base that have to be individually taken out and just the whole process is a bit of a pain, whereas here it just takes a matter of seconds.

The underside is also home to some small Teflon feet which just help the mouse glide over mousing surfaces with minimal fuss.

In total four buttons, including the DPI switch, are ergonomically placed on the G500; the left and right mouse buttons are responsive and sit comfortably underneath your fingers. The scroll wheel is a little stiff to turn and could be smoother but it’s not bad and clicks down well.

Even the DPI switch can be pressed without having to take your hand off the mouse which is certainly a triumph, allowing it to be incorporated into gaming and the heat of battle if required.

Of course the mouse has the expected USB 2.0 connection and a cable length of 1.8 metres should be plenty.

Finally, a few logos find themselves pride of place on the top and back of the G500 which round off a very functional gaming mouse.

The Drivers

Installing the drivers takes little time and once done a small Genius icon appears in the bottom right of your screen. Double clicking this opens up the ‘ioCentre’ and with it a number of adjustable features.

Under the setting tab, the function each button carries out can be altered to one of many different processes. Despite having a huge list, I would still have liked to see a macro button so you can create your own functions; nonetheless it’s a good inclusion.

The action tab is all to do with speeds and can be adjusted using slide-bars.

Even the skins for the ioCentre can be altered along with the icons, transparency and language; to be honest this is more of a gimmick than anything but it’s a nice feature.


The Test Setup:

Processor Intel Core i7 C0 920 @ 2.67GHz
Motherboard Asus P6T
Graphics Card XFX 1GB Radeon 4870
Memory OCZ Gold Triple Channel Platinum-10666 6GB (3 x 2GB)
Hard Drive Seagate Barracuda 3.0GB/s 7200.10 500GB,Western Digital Caviar Blue 160GB
Power Supply NOX Apex 700W
Enclosure Cooler Master ATCS-840
OS Windows Vista 64-bit


As with all peripherals and accessories, they are extremely subjective with different people having their own personal opinions. Therefore, it is advisable to test the peripheral yourself before you buy as people’s opinions vary greatly.

In order to test mice here at Verdis Reviews, we use the product for an extended period of time (incorporating general use and gaming) looking at performance, durability and comfort.

In order to test the Raptor M3 Platinum mouse, I used the following games:



Call of Duty: World at War

Call of Duty World at War is an extremely fast paced first person shooter that requires pinpoint accuracy, high precision and split-second reflexes. I jumped into the multiplayer action and was impressed with the accuracy the NetScroll G500 was able to provide me with – headshots became a much easier task.

Being used to a 3200DPI, I didn’t really utilise the DPI switch and left it on 2000 for the duration but I imagine for sniping dropping the DPI down could enhance the pinpoint precision even more.

The buttons all work perfectively with adequate responsiveness which is good to see and I never once had a problem with the mouse sticking.

Fallout 3

This RPG set in a nuclear blast zone doesn’t require such quick reflexes due to the advanced fighting mode which puts everything into slow-mo but it’s still a good work out for the G500.

Again, the mouse coped admirably without any major problems and was able to destroy gouls will ultimate ease.


I was surprised at how good the G500 was in this department; without any rubber side pads I thought it might be a little uncomfortable but in actual fact it was more than satisfactory and dimpled sides and smooth top work very well.


The plastic construction means that this contraption should last for a long time and an estimated life of 8 million clicks certainly seems a lot.


Priced at just £20, the G500 finds itself in the cheaper category of gaming mice and yet still packs in great flexibility and precision.


The Genius NetScroll G500 is unquestionably impressive in its architecture; the comfortable nature of the mouse combined with the vast amount of flexibility and adjustability makes for a very functional gaming mouse with all the gizmos thrown in.

The weights system shows ingenuity and gives the G500 something a little extra and little different from the array of gaming mice on the market.

There’s really not much to complain about, perhaps a higher DPI would be nice to see or the fact that there’s no cable management system or extra Teflon feet but the main problem is that at just £20, it’s going to take some strong will power not to run out and buy one – very impressive indeed.




Thanks go to Genius for providing the mouse for review.