MSI SyrenSpeaker Mini Review

By testtcm | Last Updated: October 30, 2018

MSI SyrenSpeaker Mini

Today we have the MSI SyrenSpeaker Mini up for review. With modern speaker systems, the number of satellites seems to be increasing all the time with 5.1 and even 7.1 setups. These systems are great for use with a desktop PC and provide some stunning sound quality at times but what about for those users on the move. How many decent speaker sets are there that are compact, transportable and still able to provide a high level of sound quality? MSI’s Syren range of sound equipment includes one such product that hopes to tick all these boxes and more. Introducing the SyrenSpeaker Mini…



Contents & Packaging

The speakers arrive in plastic blister packaging which, although it does keep everything safe and secure inside, it’s a real pain in the ass to get into! Nonetheless the front allows a full view of the two mini speakers alongside a series of the features each emulated by a small image.

The Syren range includes other sound equipment such as headsets and soundcards and so the bottom distinguishes this to be the SyrenSpeaker Mini.

The back gives much more detail on the speakers from the package contents to the system requirements to the specifications. A number of close ups of the product are displayed above on both the black and white editions.

Included with the two satellites is an information sheet with lots of translations and other information and a carry case which is a good, thoughtful inclusion especially as these speakers are intended for use with a laptop and the case makes transporting them just that little bit easier.


MSI SyrenSpeaker Mini

The SyrenSpeaker Mini’s are available in two different colours – black and white. Today we will be looking at the later which appears despite supposedly having a ‘futuristic design’, appears to be aimed more at the feminist market which the intricate heart styling over the white exterior.

Covering the front of the speaker itself is a silver front-piece which even has a blue LED shining inwards which illuminates when the speakers are powered up.

The plastic outer casing should make for very easy cleaning and gives the SyrenSpeakers a hard exterior which should prevent them from getting damaged easily.

The backs of the design are fairly simple: one has a bar code sticker and the other a volume switch. Unfortunately, treble and bass adjustments cannot be implemented from the speakers.

Each satellite has four rubber feet on the bottom and the cables, emitted from the back, are all routed into a single USB connection which allows for easy use with a desktop PC or laptop without needing a 3.5mm jack socket.

With dimensions of just 50mm x 50mm x 50mm and a weight of just 170g, the speakers are compact and lightweight making them very easy to carry around with a laptop especially with the included case.

Overall, the styling is modest but pleasant enough – not over the top like many modern designs which simply end up looking garish.



When testing speakers and headsets alike, without expensive equipment, it is difficult to test the frequency response and other such technical details. Instead, as reviewers, we aim to convey a good representation of the sound quality taking into account the bass and treble.

However, this does mean that the review will be quite subjective as the results will be swayed by the reviewer’s personal preferences.

Testing theses speakers will involve using them for sustained periods of time whilst gaming, watching movies and listening to music in order to see what it can do.


Of course these speakers are not intended for heavy duty usage whilst gaming and so we have decided it would be unfair to test them over a sustained gaming period. Instead we will see how they handle different types of music to get an idea of what the sound quality is like.


I drew up a quick playlist in iTunes which incorporated lots of different music genres from drum and bass to pop to heavy rock. With some of the newer tunes in the charts that don’t have heavy bass, the speakers coped well and I was very surprised at how good the sound quality was. My preconception was that these speakers wouldn’t offer too much in the way of good sound but I was very wrong.

Of course the sound is not going to match a 5.1 or a 2.1 speaker system that you are likely to find with a desktop PC but they do offer some reasonable clarity.Unfortunately, the introduction of heavy bass was not such a great idea and the sound quality diminished somewhat but asides from this and very high volumes, I would say that the speakers did an admirable job when you consider their size and price point.

CostPriced at just £20, these speakers are very affordable and would be well worth a look if you are considering buying some decent portable speakers to accompany your laptop.


These speakers weren’t designed for heavy gaming or to offer the best sound clarity or even to compete with many of the more expensive sound equipment already on the market.

Instead the concept of the SyrenSpeaker Minis was to provide some portable, compact speakers that are ideal for when on-the-move with a laptop. In that respect they are a triumph and are able to provide a decent, clear level of sound quality.

Now I could go on about how the quality falls away at high volumes or bass levels but it would not be fair as we didn’t expect earth-shattering things from theses speakers.

Overall, MSI have done a very good job in providing a set of affordable, compact speakers which are stylish and would work well with any laptop.




Thanks go to MSI for providing the speakers for review.